I got away

At least, I think it was leading to a daredevil escape.

I was upset with Fred because he bought three women drinks when we were at the bar the night before.  Leslie agreed that it was poor judgment on his part, but he insisted that the whole scenario was just a friendly gesture.  Irritated, I left the debate to relax in the hotel room.  The moment I stepped inside the hotel lobby, the lights went out.  A suspicious bell hop took a flashlight out to show me and two other ladies to the elevators.  He left us once we arrived at the elevator door, but it opened and closed too fast for us to get in.  I hit the button again, and the only level it would take us to was the “shrieking lower level.”

One of the women I was with kept persuading me and the other woman to go down with her. She became physically forceful, so the other woman and I ran in the direction we came from.  Apparently, there was a reward for anyone who could catch me.  Once I got outside the hotel, the employees grabbed me.

They placed me in a dark corridor with doors at each end, and four doors against a wall.  The door at one end of the corridor had a small peep window; all the other doors had mail slots of various sizes.  It was so dark that I had to feel my way around for the exit.  With my back against the wall, I felt for the doors.  As I did, I could sense someone peering in to look at me from behind one of the doors.

I distinguished that the first door was the employee lounge by feeling the depressions on the door plaque, the next looked like a dentist’s office, the third room’s mail slot was so small I couldn’t peek in, and the last door against the wall was to another dentist’s office.  The door at the other end of the corridor was unlocked and led me into the backyard of the man trying to catch me .

His yard had many torture devices that he invented himself: one was a mechanical fire-breathing dinosaur, and another was a spinning barbed contraption.  There was a Mini Cooper and a large van oddly parked in a T-shape.  The man came out of the house next to the driveway, and did the whole evil villain spiel.  I was standing a few feet away from him on a bed of thick mossy shrubbery, and he demanded I step down from the plant as he slowly walked in my direction.  There was such an air of desperation in his voice that prompted me to pull part of the shrub out of the ground.

He stopped abruptly.  The scene reminded me of a movie I had seen, and I said, “I know how this ends.  I get away.”  I leapt onto the roof of the van to get somewhat out of reach.  He bolted inside the van in an effort to make me fall as he drove erratically about, but I hopped onto the Mini Cooper in time.

Success!  I keep my life and the Mini; that’s how it would’ve ended.  Trust me.


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