I don’t believe that real-time occurrences have ever been as vivid in my unconscious.  In contrast to the typical plot of the Twilight series, my creation left me anxious.

Fred and I were at a restaurant, seated in a U-shaped booth.  Another family sat across from us at a table.  They seemed very wary in the public scene, constantly keeping their heads down and sneaking a sidewards glance when an unsuspecting waitress would walk passed.  They had a child as well.  Probably around the age five or six.  She had Russian features, but was somehow haggard at such a young age.  She made my teeth grind as she plagued our meal by walking to us only to incessantly scream, yet I knew that didn’t warrant asphyxiation.

We drudged through our meal on edge, and once we were done I walked a few tables to the left and found my own family.  I walked toward my baby brother in order to change his diaper.  In the process, the mother of the Russian child glared at me and hissed through the gaps in her porcelain teeth.

The setting changed to an expanse of an archaic Southern-style living room.  I stood in front of a large piece of furniture with dark wood.  Rosewood.  There was a secret compartment that I fretted over.  I was protecting it– or the secret it contained– from the prying, piercing yellow eyes of the Russian child’s mother.  I wore a long hooded cape and its heavy black velvet radiated a sense of comfort through me.

I locked the storage area by a combination of maneuvers, and sneered at the mother.  She hissed defiantly.  As I was walking toward the main room, I realized that there were others there.  They had an odd disposition like the mother and child, but they were more wary than aggressive.  Eye contact and abrupt movement would go against me; I knew that.  So I glided around what seemed like an asymmetrical  oval of campground, but without the forestry and dirt.  Instead of trees, there were massive pillars fit for the Pantheon, and instead of dirt, an ivory marble floor.

I chose a tabletop as my camp location.  My eyes wandered about.  I noticed the wands that some of the others held, and realized that none of these strangers were human.  Then, I asked myself, “Then what am I?”  I wasn’t so sure anymore.  Something broke out in the middle of the night, and the room became a large maze with thick haze blocking my focus.  Renegade vampires were loose, and there was no way for me to decipher their location.  I was human.  Vulnerable, like I feared.

I found myself in a multi-level building with a cross bridge shaped as an “X” on only one level.  There was no ceiling above me, and I could tell that in just a few minutes the sun would rise.  Sensing someone watching, I ran across in vain.  Whatever I could do to make my defeat harder for my predator.  I finally spotted him two levels above me.  His skin was opaque and he wore his platinum blonde hair in long dreadlocks.  His black eyes caught mine, and he sprang off the balcony and split through the air.  Like an eagle, he swooped down and caught me, lifting me higher and higher against gravity’s will.

Sigh.  The Vampires have invaded.


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