Well, I didn’t get a chance to scribble this first one down a few days ago, and last night was an interesting one,  so you get double the fun.

#1: The actual dream must have encompassed at least a full 15 minutes, but only select scenes remain vivid.  I was digging a hole in an attempt to get at drinking water, and got close, too.  Before I could dig further, I looked up to find a jellyfish hovering above me.  It covered me with a stinging goop.  Yes, it hurt.

The next scene involved an evil clown, a Subway sandwich, a human sacrafice,  clues to the next kill, chapstick, and Bailey who remains ever loyal even in dreams.

#2: Here Fred and I were at a prison visitor’s room that resembled a dim hotel room; he and I were supposed to speak with his attacker. While Fred and I were laying on the bed, and all my stuff was on a couch on the other side of the room.  I kept telling him I wanted to grab my phone in case something happens.  He didn’t want to let go of me.

We heard a ruckus in the corridor, and a large man came into the room without an escort or restraints.   A surge of panic went through me as I woke up.

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