This post could be considered as killing two birds with one stone, to put it in layman’s terms.  If you hadn’t the pleasure to read The Princess Bride by William Goldman, my dreams inspired me to make this fantastic piece the Flavor of the Week #3.  R.O.U.S. translates into Rodent of Unusual Size, and those bastards were on the attack last night.

My brother, Justin, and I were visiting my grandparent’s home in the middle of the night.  We might have been on our way out– locking the back door, double-checking that  stove was off, etc.– but before we could complete our survey, we spotted an R.O.U.S.  I knew it had to forced out, but that fiend refused to be caught.  When I finally got a hold of it by the tail, Justin cracked the front door open; and when he did, a flurry or R.O.U.S’s tried to bum-rush their way in.

My grip on the tail slacked from panic.  Its large mouth wrapped around my fist gnawing and ready to draw blood.  I finally flung it off, after a fierce struggle.  The others continued to attack the door that Justin and I were trying to pin close.  Then, I awoke.

I know.  One scene.  Usually I don’t bother with these one-liner types, but lately I’ve had dreams of Justin and I fending off dangerous critters (an angry pig, a handful of aggressive corn snakes, and now, this.)  The following sentiments were mentioned in dream interpretation outlets: greediness, selfishness, over indulgence, dirtiness, guilt, doubt, envy, deception, and threats.

Shish.  My subconscious is such a Negative Nancy.

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