The Running, Floaty Kind

The day I dream up a daisy field, rainbows, and bunnies, I’ll know something is awry.  For now, my disturbing imagination has outdone itself once again:

I sat in the passenger side of a car that was parked on a grassy neighborhood park.  I didn’t recognize the area, so I grabbed my camera and shot anything in sight.  Immediately following, a flock of ducks, cattle, and chickens ran in a fluid stampede from a desolate house across the street; the front door swelled from the overwhelming force.  They moved in a surreal fashion, and upon closer examination, I noticed they resembled claymation figures.  Soon after the farm animals, a flood of sea creatures– stingrays, lion fish, and other still undiscovered critters from my unconscious– swam in schools through the air.  Every picture I tried to capture would fail due to the stubborn flash hitting the car window.

The assembly of animals dwindled until nothing was left in the door but a dark void.  I looked at my pictures for a moment, and when my eyes drifted toward the house again, a pair of eyes stared back.  She was swinging on a tree-swing, and moved with eerie fluidity like the animals.  The tall, lean, clown-faced woman with a demonic grin and witch-like garb was with four other male associates (looks similar to this.) The four of them hovered into the air in unison, dodging and darting in any direction to keep me on my toes.  I continued snapping my camera, which encouraged their taunting.

The scene altered with me in a containment camp with my brother, Justin.  We had been whispering amongst ourselves about our planned escape.  We were held in the camp against our will without reason, and that night, we ran for it.  Immediately, a chase broke out, and the man who was gaining on us yelled, “No!  You don’t know what you’re doing!”  Justin and I got to the doors, and as he cracked it open I noticed they were no longer chasing us.  In fact, a group of men were restraining the wailing man as if an invisible barrier surfaced that they dare not cross.  The man looked defeated, and as Justin and I exited, he blurted, “Don’t let them see you!”

It was dark outside, but a hazy cover blanketed the distance.  Justin and I stood on a hill, and a gathering took place in the distance.  The locale was reminicent of a dejected Las Vegas, and a gargantuan demonic gargoyle chanting a command encouraging the deaths of humans.  A woman turned around, and in an instant I realized that we were facing a crowd of flesh eaters.  She dashed at Justin, and a scuffle broke out around a car.  I jumped out of the way, while I caught a glance at the family of corpses inside the station wagon.  I lost sight of the struggle.  From the haze, I spotted Justin’s outline.  He rushed at me with the same gait as the woman.  A blowing force threw me to the ground; when I looked at Justin, he was conscious and fully aware.  I later realized saved me from a flesh eater attack by posing as one of them.

And then, my 7:00 AM alarm went off.

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