I Vant to Dreenk Your Bloood

1. Mystery sorority sister dies, and I’m waiting with a group of girls in a school hallway.  I noticed that all our shoes were scatted about the floor, so I nudge them to the side with my foot.  She was cremated, and her ashes were spread across a bush in front of the sorority house.  I couldn’t help but think how anti-climactic the location was.

2.  I was in a yard similar to my grandpa’s ill-tended lot.  A group of kittens approached me and licked my fingers affectionately.  I walked one of them down the street on a leash, and a group of men across the street were shooting me derogatory looks at me.  This continued until I passed them, and arrived at the steps of a religious establishment.  I didn’t know what sect it was, but decided to pry.

When I went in, I found out it was a Scientology meeting.  Everyone was dressed in red or white robes, and the interior was designed to look like an arena with stadium seating and a center stage.  The ones in red robes were passing out viles of blood to everyone in white.  On the PA system, a voice was explaining that the blood is meant to represent a family member’s blood.  In drinking it, they have committed incest (in that familial bodily fluids mix) which makes them sinners.  And only sinners can be shown the path to purification, so it’s necessary that they drink.

As this was going on, I looked at the stage and noticed that cots were lined up at the center.  A line of blood stained people were filed to lay on the cots to be “cleansed.”  Upon closer examination, I recognized a girl from middle school.  The odd thing was that her robes had “JENNIFER” in blood smudged diagonally on her chest.  Then, she looked at me as if trying to send a message that I couldn’t grasp from the stands.

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