The Evil Purple Ice Cream

Y’know, for the last three months or so, I’ve been trying to figure out how to get the indention feature back.  I could swear that I’d already tried that “Kitchen Sink” button, but I suppose I caught it on a bad day.  Anywho, I digress.  I’ve seriously been itching to let loose a dream, but have come short.  Until now.

In an unfamiliar city, strangers were flocking toward a cloud of faint light.  I was amongst the crowd desperately dodging the creeping dusk.  A woman shrieked from behind, and when I looked back, shrouded figures swooped through the air seizing anyone within the shadow’s grasp.  The light ahead resembled a vortex, sucking any person or thing into its safe haven.  I reached the light after much struggle, but the vortex refused to take me in despite my efforts.  With a running start, I leaped toward the light as high as my mortal legs could take me, but I was missing something.  I couldn’t fly up like the others.  The light dissipated, and I found myself in the treacherous darkness.

I ran to the closest building in sight, and climbed the ladder to the roof.  My eyes searched the skies for movement, then darted to any hidden corner in sight.  The only audible sound was a light, crisp breeze.  For a moment, I took a deep breath; I hadn’t halfway exhaled when I heard someone scaling the ladder.  I still couldn’t decipher what I was running from– some had new-age zombie traits, others demonic figures, and most possessed supernatural mind-manipulation abilities.  Regardless of what the noise was, I resolved not to find out.

I quietly made my way to the opposite side of the roof, and discovered my escape route.  Balconies lined the side of the building, but could easily have housed my captors within each level.  As I descended, I came across others in hiding, some of whom were so fearful that I might draw attention to their hidden location that they held an aggressive stance against me.  I hung horizontal against the balcony’s exterior, my ankle wrapped onto the balcony’s railing, when I reached the third level.  The noise was coming from inside that level, and I could almost detect something snorting in my direction.  My focus was on the dirt clearing below me: could I make it safely and outrun them?  When I looked back up, a shrouded figure was leaning over.  I’d been found.

Frantically, I scaled down the remaining levels to make a reckless brake for it.  Soon enough, two figures grabbed me by the arms and lifted me to my unknown fate.  I awoke in a white-walled room, seated in front of a computer.  Fred sat on my left, but was incoherent to my entreaties as if his mind was occupied by some stimulus outide the confines of the room, and there was a plate of something purple close-by.  The screen displayed instructions.

It told me to feed Fred the purple substance, and insinuated that I was being watched.  Slowly, I raised spoonfuls into Fred’s lips, which he consumed without struggle.  With each bite, he became not only incoherent, but increasingly groggy.  I snuck in large  bites for myself so that Fred didn’t have to endure the total effect of the drug.

Filipino Ice Cream, or Sinister Ambrosia!?!

Filipino Ice Cream, or Sinister Ambrosia!?!

The colors on the screen changed, and it was like I had hacked into another computer.  The cursor was tapping away at links, and a chain of passwords appeared and disappeared in milliseconds.  It didn’t take long to realize that their targets were pre-determined.  Fred regained his alertness, and our escape was strangely simple.  As we reached the exit, I noticed it was dark once again.  Fred scaled the buildings at an alarming rate, and jumped from roof tops with impressive grace.  He had been compromised; within a few more hours, he would be just as dangerous as the rest.  Despite this, I wanted to follow him, but I couldn’t keep up with his speed; he fled without me.

I sought shelter for the night, and when I awoke the following morning there was a parade in town.  Kills were apparently not permitted during the day, but captures were fair game.  Again, I found myself trying to blend in with the crowd.  A younger girl, about 12-years-old, guided me away from the search militia.  She had short-term premonition, but that didn’t hinder them from finding us after a mild chase.  They had us standing on a narrow ledge with our backs to the wall.  A demon taunted me by kicking one leg out from under me, as he hovered in the air.

Maybe tonight is my lucky night, and I’ll escape.  Though, I doubt it.


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