Dead Inside Revisited

My undead nightmares are back.  This transpired a few days ago, so the vivid details are lost in the void of “what once was…”

1. Zombies taking over the city

2. I escape in the night into a house with a few survivors

3. Time passes– a lot of time, actually.  Years, even.

4. We’d lived in darkness without attracting the zombies, by staying away from the windows and doors

5. I got curious, and peeked outside a second story window

6. Two zombies sat on the roof, and noticed me

7. They looked incredibly curious, and drew nearer

8. Banging came from downstairs, and I realized I had compromised our location

9. The survivors and I frantically packed our belongings in an attempt to run for it

10. When we ran outside, we found that the zombies had developed into a civilized society over time

… I never found out how long I was in that house, but the number 1.5 was somehow connected.

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