I Got a Feeling…

– Kara asked me to call someone regarding a job she was interested in.
– The woman on the phone irritated me.
– We went outside, and I realized I was wearing a long, brown sequined dress.

– When we stepped out, it looked like Disneyland.

– Suddenly, I couldn’t walk, and I experienced shortness of breath.
– It was raining.

– I laid down on the floor to soak in the puddles
– I wanted to find a restroom, and Kara found a building nearby whose doors were unlocked
– Kara went in first, but once I got in, I didn’t see her
– The bathrooms were right ahead of me, so I went in.
– One stall had someone’s belongings strewn about, and the toilet had been defecated in.
– I entered a clean stall, and it turned into massage room with a toilet against the wall.
– I placed my bag on the floor, and took off two jackets

– After urinating twice, the room turned into a movie theatre
– On the screen, old Disney movies played
– Fred found me and asked, “Are you okay?”
– He was spooked by the place, and wanted to go
– I tried to gather my things quickly, but they were scattered all over my seat
– Fred told me to find the remote, and pause the movie before the credits end
– He left to find a safe exit for us
– I couldn’t find remote in time, and the next movie came on
– When I found it, I pressed pause, but the movie wouldn’t fully pause

– The evil witch from Snow White came into the room, and offered to pause it for me.

The Queen-Witch

– As she did so, I grabbed a pen wedged in my seat, and ran out
– Once I got outside the building, the Witch’s assistant locked the doors behind me.
– I didn’t see Fred outside, so I went back to the door.

– Of course, they were still locked

– I realized that the Witch tricked me; she let me leave, but at the cost of losing Fred
– While trying to find another way in, I saw people sitting in rows of chairs
– They were waiting their turn to jump through time.

Remote Control
To see a remote control in your dream, symbolizes that your buttons are being pushed by someone; also, that a relationship or situation is becoming too controlling.

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