That’s all.

– Location: Mexico
– Dad in the car waiting with our native escort
– Got out of the car to pick up train tickets
– Teller at the window recognized us as fugitives
– Sold me the tickets, but called the police
– Grabbed tickets, and ran to car
– In Spanish, I yelled “Go, go!  The police are coming.”
– We make our getaway
– I made a quick stop to get my mail from a PO box, and post a note for someone about the situation

– Still and outlaw, I’m in a public restroom, with my boyfriend and his sister
– She’s says that she can’t eat the food there, because of how dirty the place is
– I’m washing my hands, and remember I have a voucher for something free in the room
– There are baseball caps near the sinks but they’re used, and dirty
– I turn around, and see a rack of NBA Finals basketball caps
– I pick one up and it’s brand new with a price tag on it
– I say aloud, “I wonder if they’ll let me have this”
– When I look back at the rack, there are risers behind it, and Robert Horry is standing there
– He’s holding an autographed shoe
– We took pictures together, and we all went outside

– My extended familyhaving a picnic in the park outside
– Everyone sends judging glances at me, but go about their business
– Someone’s grandmother compares Horry to Kobe, and says that Kobe is the better of the two
– I say something along the lines of, “It takes time to achieve greatness.”
– Some other people began to leave
– There was something gently burning on the table, like incense or fragrant oils
– I laid down on the table benches near it, and fell asleep
– I was awaken by my Grandma who asked, “Do you know how much peppermint [oil] you put in there?”
– Apparently, it was a deadly amount
– When I tried to concoct a new batch, it began to boil almost instantly

– My Grandma suggested that we leave
– We got into my car, hoping to not be seen leaving by my Grandpa
– We did successfully, however, my car broke down after I made my turn out of the parking lot
– I slowly parked by the sidewalk, as it died

– I was in a highly modernized “self-awareness” facility
– I was holding a bar of soap, and approached one of the showers, fully clothed
– Upon my approach, I noticed my ex was in there fully clothed
– I found his presence funny, and it made me laugh to see him
– He stepped out to let me in, but found my behavior childish and left

– I continued to laugh to myself while washing my hair.  The song “That’s All,” covered by Edie Adams played in the background.


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