Wanna be on Top?

It’s nice to know that on the few occasions I’m able to sleep in, my dreams decide to go into work mode.  All oddities aside, I actually like this one:

Ornately dressed in gown and stiletto sling-backs, I stepped onto the stage with twenty or so other women.  A sea of spectators and admirers applaud our dazzling group for being chosen as finalists for a National Top Model Contest.  After brief introductions and deafening screams, contestants and crew headed backstage to prepare for a flight across the world.

Some who were unable to gather their belongings were left behind, but I made it onto the plane.  Our count was lowered to about fifteen, but the excitement in the air did not falter.  We arrived at our suite hours later, settling into the first available beds we found.

When the task of unpacking was done, I headed to the recreational area outside.  The oval shaped basketball got me wondering where exactly I was in the world.  Strangely, I couldn’t recall the flight over.  After a few minutes failing at handling the oblong ball, I noticed that a wall of grimy liquid was forming around us.  I hoped onto the back of the first person next to me, and we went head first into the waters.

Later, I found that the liquid has the remains of processed rum.  It smelled like the gastric aftermath of a hungover college student.  That evening, I woke up to use the restroom.  While inside, I noticed there were bodies laying in the bathtub.  They looked like they were asleep, and instead of being frightened, I found myself a bit jealous.

I realized that we’ve been traveling in an unconscious state.  They drugged us so that we could not recall our location, and how we arrive there.  As I was not unconscious, I could only deduce that they planned on leaving me behind.

Upset and hurt, I walked out of the restroom and headed down the corridor to my bed.  Around the corner, a man grabbed me from behind and I felt a prick on my right forearm.  In about three seconds, I felt my body relax.  I was gently placed on the floor as my consciousness slowly faded.  Before I completely knocked out, a sense of comfort and security blanketed me.

No one left behind.

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