A Pain in the Neck

The cold night air, and twinkling stars put me in a state of wonder and delight.  As I absorbed the mountainous terrain, I caught sight of an animal running past.  My dog, Bailey, was parading around with a stick in her mouth, oblivious to the predator in our midst.  I recognized the animal to be a coyote when it crept closer.

“A wolf is here!  Call Bailey!” I yelled to my boyfriend.  I realized that I had said wolf instead of coyote, but it didn’t change the evident danger we were in.


My boyfriend and I were in our room.  I heard a whining just outside our bedroom door, and my instinct told me the coyote had followed us.  Bailey was standing outside our door with her back toward me; her attention was fixed to something further down the staircase, just beyond my sight.

I pulled the door open in hopes of making a quick grab for Bailey.  As I came out of the doorway, the coyote lunged at my neck, and bit me.  The injury I sustained felt like I was choking, and couldn’t speak.  I grappled with the coyote, and got it in a secure hold with enough time to barely call out, “Babe, the wolf!!”

To dream that you are being attacked by an animal, is a warning to be careful with those around you. Take notice of who you know in your waking like that shares and exhibits the same qualities of the animal that attacked you in your dream.

To dream that your neck is injured or sore, indicates a separation between your heart and mind. There is a literal disconnect between how you feel and what you think. You are feeling conflicted.

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