Leopard Print and Nautical Stripes: An Unlikely Union

I came across this look while browsing through the internet fashion world.  I’m always in love with international style; it’s seems carelessly put together, but works in an unexpected way.

While I’m not feeling the boots, and the fuzzy homeless person gloves, the overall looks is totally bad ass.  Never in my most twisted nightmares had I envisioned that leopard prints and stripes could go hand in hand.  It’s madness.  Sheer unequivocal, brilliant madness.

Season Transition

Season Transition by Jenn Calonia featuring striped tops

Handkerchief Striped Tee
$72 – barneys.com
Striped tops »

Leopard Print Coat
85 GBP – fabsugar.co.uk
Leopard coats »

Proenza Schouler PS1 Medium
$2,195 – cultstatus.com.au
Satchel bags »

Push Belt – Black
$124 – gargyle.com
Buckle belts »


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