The Goods at California Market Center’s Saturday Sale

So, I arrived at the CMC one hour before opening, and found four people standing idly by. Thirty minutes later, a substantial line has formed behind me and about eight people cut the line; my eye winces in annoyance, but I’m able to keep my cool. My patience is soon rewarded at 10:00am when the doors swing open, and the line slithers into the building.

Before even getting to the admission table, there’s a merchant who has a shoe setup… and I can’t help myself:

These Nine West patent leather pumps in deep red are just the right height at 3″ high, and the right price at $10.  Sure it was gently used, but nothing a quick shoe shine can’t fix.

Anywho, I finally paid my dues and got to the actual sample sale.  Definitely not a glamorous environment but it fulfills its purpose.  I spent about $120 on random stuff, but these are my favorites of the bunch.

I can’t really explain it, but there’s something about this print that I am so enamored by.  French Connection peasant top: $15

I typically don’t do short fluttery sleeves, because they make my upper arm look like I’ve been working out with Paul Bunyan.  This Lush lace dress, however, was simply too romantic to cast aside.  And at $15, I figured it’d be worth a shot.

From the moment I saw this Willow & Clay crochet top, I knew I had to snag it.  Lucky for me it was an easy decision to make. $10.

I’m definitely looking forward to the next sample sale at the CMC.  Not too many crowds, decent merchandise, and easy on the wallet.


    1. I follow, and, all of which post major upcoming warehouse and sample sales. We should tag-team it to the next one. Hopefully I’ll have some spare dough by then.

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