Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: G-Star RAW Fall 2011

Due to a somewhat packed schedule, I’m just now catching up with NY fashion week and all the fall 2011 goodies to come.  It seems so premature doesn’t it?  I mean, the fall season doesn’t actually start until September 23rd, but that’s the fashion industry for you: one step (or season) ahead of the crowd.  Renowned denim icon, G-Star, introduced their fall 2o11 collection on February 12th and it’s clear that the looks are meant for a winter wonderland. Check out the runway highlights below, especially the reinvented “fanny” pack at the 0:39 – 0:43 second mark (somewhat Laura Croft-ish, but would be really convenient at a club, I’d imagine.)

These are my fave womens and mens pieces in the collection:

1) Cropped puffy collar jacket and sheer top

I love this look for the bad-ass popped collar look and the sheer blouse which tip-toes the line between posh and naughty.  Such a sweet contrast!

2) Sleeveless Coat

It’s a coat, it’s a dress, it’s hiding your birthday suit!  Joking aside, this is definitely an unexpected look that I can see working its way into a signature closet item.  Use it to layer in the chilly winter months (though in California that’s kinda a long shot,) or let yourself be risqué and wear it as a stand-alone piece.

3) East-coast swagger

This outfit exudes metropolitan GQ with its twist on the classic turtleneck and casually-styled coat.  I’m wavering a bit on the shoes, but the red gloves I can definitely appreciate.



  1. I love the first and third look!

    Here in LA, it’s hard to come across guys like the one in the third picture because the weather is sunny like 350/365 days of the year 😦 Boo!!! Well at least our Cali guys have their own kind of swag haha 🙂

    1. Edgy right? I love it. I don’t know what it is, but I’m partial to east-coast styles. I think being a Cali girl my whole life has lost its sparkle. :X

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