Boots Botanics Skin Care: An Organic UK Savior

Day after day, work, metropolitan pollution, poor diet, and an overall more stressful pace of life takes out its aggressions on your defenseless skin.  Unfortunately, I’m not immune to this violent onslaught, and turn to the magic of modern innovation to revive and smooth my skin.  My schizophrenic skin type doesn’t make it easy on me either:  combination/ acne-prone skin.  The worst of the worst.

I’ve tried so many different products that promise the world with a cherry on top.  Some fall short after a few months use, most leave me with more redness, inflammation, and blemishes.  Proactive, Murad, Neutrogena, Clean and Clear, Clearasil, Aveeno, Dermalogica, just to name a few have sadly made into my hall of lame.

I recently started to use Boots Botanics, a popular UK beauty brand.  Each day I cleanse using their Complexion Refining Deep Clean Mousse Cleanser which goes on super light and foamy.  Afterward, I put on a thin layer of their Organic Super Face Balm.  The balm is really for people with dry skin, which is why I use it sparingly.  I’ve used both in sequence for about a month now, and have noticed that the considerably sized blemishes I used to get have been kept at bay.  Both products smell spa-mazing, and for  about $9 each, you can feel pampered every day.  Sure, it may be a bit premature to share my reviews after just a month, but thus far Boots Botanics is looking to be a top competitor in the facial care market.  Available at Target stores.

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