Vintage Louis Vuitton and The French Company

I’m one of those suckers who fall head-over-heels for luxury items; this affection is amplified with vintage luxury items. My lovely Grandmother gifted me two vintage Louis Vuitton handbags over the course of the last two years, but I never really knew whether I was toting around high-end pieces, or busting a faux pas (pun totally intended.)  Well, the question finally bugged me enough to do a bit of research on my end.  Yes, it took me two years; shameful, I know.

Thanks to’s guide “Vintage & French Co.” I now have a some historic fact and tell-tale French Company characteristics to support my assumptions, and can confidently say that I own two Louis handbags.

Apparently, the iconic fashion house couldn’t meet the demand for their luxe handbags back in the mid-70’s and up to the early-90’s, so they specially licensed The French Company, a U.S. luggage manufacturer, to pick up the booming market in the U.S.

The LV Speedy:

The LV Bucket:

Yeah, I’m showing them off, but really now.  Can you blame me?  Now to raid my Grandmother’s closet.

Just kidding! Perhaps.



  1. Wow. GREAT! So, uh…. How do I get in contact with said Grandmother? haha


    P.S. Thanks for being a part of the CleartheWay community at IFB. Contribute often, it is greatly appreciated.

    1. My Grandmother got word of my post. I believe she’s now going to shelter her goods from my ninja tactics. 🙂

  2. Are LV pieces produced by The French Company of value? I have a LV continental wallet with checkbook cover that was hardly used and has been sitting in my closet. It is stamped inside with “Made in the USA … under license” and has the darker lining. I would love to sell it.

    1. Hi Karen,

      Vintage LV’s are still highly sought after. Depending on the condition of your wallet, you may find a buyer willing to pay around $200+ for it (especially if you’re the original owner.) Here’s an example of a continental wallet which sold online, and it’s condition: Vintage Louis Vuitton Wallet for Sale

      I hope you find this helpful! Good luck 🙂

      – Jenn

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