Miu Miu Fall Winter 2011 Collection

Wild and funky fashionistas typically turn to Miu Miu for inspiration on what to stockpile for the next season, but this fall is all about subtle, vintage flair and the return of shoulder pads. While watching the first half of the runway show, my nose couldn’t help but crinkle at the matronly appearance of the collection.  The only image that spun in my head was of a cranky 50-something-year-old librarian hissing, “This is a library! Darn kids, and your rock and roll.” At the close of her day, she’d get home to her twelve cats, but only after having terrorized the streets with her sub-par driving.

But I digress…

I’ll hand it to Miu Miu, the last half of the runway were more to my taste.  Given the right occasion (one that merited refinement and class,) these outfits would make quite the fashionable ensemble. I’m a fan of shoulder draping all the way; there’s something about it that feels regal. Can’t put my finger on it.

There was one element of the collection that stole my heart from the onset: the handbags.  They are absolutely stunning! The over-sized slouchy coin purse has GOT to make it into my wardrobe somehow. I adore the kiss-lock closure, and the fur and suede are so reminiscent of old Hollywood glam.  The size puts a playful, Alice in Wonderland spin to an otherwise mature design which is so adorbs!

In all fairness, Miu Miu didn’t stray too far away from their norm.  Their glittery shoewear make heads turn and keeps some color to the sometimes drab color scheme of fall. I can definitely appreciate their uniqueness, but do I realistically feel that I can pull these torpedoes of attention off?  Questionable.

To solidify your stance on Miu Miu’s fall winter 2011 RTW collection, check out the full show below:

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