Date Night: Sucker Punch

The bf and I have been anticipating the premiere of Sucker Punch for a few weeks now; all the trailers conveyed an intriguing plot concept and stylistic visual elements making this film a potential jewel in the rough.  After grabbing our tickets, we walked around the neighborhood for a bit and I took some photos of the locale.  I just downloaded an iPhone app called Instagram, which is a photo-sharing tool that gives you the option to edit pics with filters.  I’m pretty addicted.


I had high hopes for Sucker Punch, and even after more than a few painfully embarrassing face-palm moments during the movie, I find myself still really wanting to like it.  It’s so bizarre and campy that I’m considering making a DVD purchase when it’s released.

Instead of ruining your viewing experience with spoilers, I’ll say this confidently: You’ll either be pigeonholed with cult-film enthusiasts who love this film exactly because of its terrible dialogue, exaggerated acting, poorly executed concept, and of course the sultry women in skimpy costumes,  -OR-  you’ll be one of many who will detest it for all the same reasons noted above.


Happy weekend everyone.



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