Atelier Minyon: Armed and Dangerous

New York-based jewelry boutique, Atelier Minyon, has my heart held prisoner with their exclusive Six Shooter and Bullet collections. Each piece is hand-carved in silver and 24K gold, and accented with diamonds and rubies. A romantic harmony exists between Old Western motifs, and the bravado of antiquated revolvers that gives these collections such a charming appeal.

The brains of the operation, is Turkish designer Alp Sagnak who created the collection as a symbol of strength.  His artisan creations embrace a dual-personality of edgy accessories that echo his personal swagger, and a classic collection which pays homage to traditional Turkish culture.  It’s only natural that such powerful collections demand an equally fearless audience.  When describing the ultimate Atelier Minyon client, Alp confidently expresses that “they are real, and they know what they want.”

The collections range from $1,590 – $1,990 depending on the complexity of the design, and because each are done by hand, you’ll be toting unique, one-of-a-kind heat.  Keep up with the gorgeous collections at the Atelier Minyon website, or catch exclusive news on their fan page.

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