Making the Cut: Pixie or Not to Pixie

At the moment, I’m caught in a flurry of hairstyle boredom. I’ve outgrown my past long layered and textured style from November, and now have a full head of hair that frizzes up in the hot California sun. I’m no stranger to experimentation, and have gone with highlights, streaks, red, black, bobs, layers, side-swept bangs, blunt bangs, shoulder length, layered bobs, and all that jazz.  Now, I’ve got my eye on pixie cuts.  I’ve never ventured into this territory, because of my round face shape.  It’s risqué, but hair grows back, right?


I’m leaning toward the first worn by Katie Holmes. Then, my next dilemma is when to cut my hair? Now or after my Euro trip? Decisions, decisions.



    1. Hey Hayidan 🙂 When I got a layered bob a few years back, it grew to the middle of my back in about a year, so I guess the growth isn’t bad. Thanks for the encouragement!

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