Etsy Exclusive: Nelda Zee Hair Accessories

As warmer weather approaches, those once chic fedoras, beanies, and woolen headwear become too daunting to sport under the SoCal sun.  Etsy merchant and hair accessory designer, Jennifer Wooters of Nelda Zee, spruces up your ‘do with fresh floral masterpieces and dramatic feather flair.  Named after her “flamboyantly fashionable grandmother… and her [grandmother’s] gutsy style and collection of elaborate hats,” Nelda Zee accommodates the whimsical fancy of every gal’s inner princess.

I had the honor of seeing the newest Nelda Zee designs before they went public.  These accessories are straight out of a Midsummer Night’s Dream (pun completely intended,) and many of their descriptions quote literary classics.  Only fitting for a lovely librarian by day, and as an English major myself, I feel right at home browsing through her Etsy shop!

Marki Hair Clip (coming soon to Etsy!)

Avonlea Hair Clip

Titania Circlet Headpiece

As I prep for Europe (and an evening spent at Moulin Rouge,) I’m smitten over Nelda Zee’s feather fascinator hair clips.  They’re glamorous, daring, and unabashedly romantic; everything that Parisians embody.  Some favorites that you should take a serious look at to dress-up your mane:

Le Poisson Feather Fascinator Hair Clip

Christabel Bridal Peacock

Love You Forever Hair Clip

Can you tell I’m a peacock fan?  Bold and beautiful!


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