The Classic Nude Pump

I’ve been on an obsessive shoe hunt for a traditional patent nude pump.  The thing with this staple closet item is that there are so many particulars that you need to consider: heel height, toe shape, color tone, cleavage depth, heel construction, comfort, and the quality to cost ratio.  My most prevalent dilemma was finding a nude that best matched my skin tone; a lot of what I came across was either blush pink which is great for fair skin, or dark mochas.  Petite gals like me get the added benefit of a more elongated leg with the right hue, but with the luck I was having it was clear that I just was not destined to be the next Gisele.

Then I read Extra Petite’s fabulous review of Target’s nude pumps.  After reading her in-depth video review, I opted to check out the Pearce Pump in Camel.  They have been out of stock for the last two weeks, but tonight I found that the shelves have been replenished just for me.  The tone is more of a coffee tone (with generous half-n-half,) and I like that they don’t have sky-high hooker platforms.  The foot-bed’s comfy padding is fantastic, and the non-slip sole has me confident that I won’t break an ankle while mingling at a dressy affair.  For $29.99, all systems a go for this recessionista.

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