Fragonard Parfum Capucine Review

I’m a sucker for all fragrant things, whether male or female, soft or vivacious.  In terms of my own pH chemistry, I prefer fresh, and vibrant scents.  Chanel’s Chance, Gucci’s Flora and Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Cologne in Morning Dew or Heaven (yeah, I’ve seriously used baby cologne) are just a few that I’ve regularly returned to for a spritz here and there.  For the most part, my fragrances of old would hold up for about 4-6 hours.  So, while in Paris, I decided to invest in something a bit more potent and unique.  I visited the Fragonard museum, a Parisian parfumeur, and used it as my perfume playing field.

After an internal battle with myself to refrain from buying my top three favorites (Diamant, Capucine, and Belle de Nuit,) I finally decided to follow my nose and natural chemistry by selecting Capucine.  This fragrance has top notes of green tea and bergamot intermingled with floral middle notes (rose and jasmine,) and finally sophisticated vanilla and musk bases.  With 76% VOL of aromatic compounds, Capucine lasts up to 8 hours (verified) with the use of only two short sprays to the wrist.  I’m a solid fan– even at $60 for a 30mL bottle.

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