ASOS Collar Lace Dress

If you’re in the market for a playful dress, ASOS serves up an adorable cupcake of a dress that is just too damn cute to resist.  The collar detail has a vintage appeal, and the all-around lace keeps in step with your feminine side.  Don’t be fooled though– a sexy-short hem, and exposed back cut-out will surely make those heads turn.

ASOS Lace Dress; $77.58


  1. Ooh, that lacy hem is hot!

    Hi Jenn! You kind of inspired me. Like, a lot. So much that I made a blog. I wanted to let you know I threw a link to Suite 707 on my page to show some Kappa love. 😀

    1. Love it! I’m glad I invoked the blogger in you. 🙂 Definitely appreciate the shout out. I’m busting out my stalker moves, and following you on Google Reader. Never know what us Kappa Jen’s will come up with next.

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