Summer Wish List, Revisited

Summa time will be buying her last round and heading out the bar before you know it (depending on where you are, it might already have,) so I thought I’d revisit my Summer Wish List:

  1. Urban Decay All Nighter Long-lasting Makeup Setting Spray

I decided to grab a travel size bottle of this miracle spray, and I’m thrilled to report that Urban Decay’s Make-up Setting Spray does everything it promises to do.  On really really bad nights, I’ll literally flop into bed with make-up on, and despite all my tossing and turning it survives to see another day.  If I’m extremely hard-pressed for time or just really looking to torture my skin, I blot my face, and walk out the door without a second thought.

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT suggesting that you shouldn’t wash your face, ever.  That’s gross.  Quit that.

2.  T3 Singlepass Professional Straightening & Styling Iron   Andis 1″ Ceramic Flat Iron


I wasn’t quite prepared to drop $160 for a flat iron (even if it is a staple in my routine,) so I did some heavy research on effective, yet cost-conscious flat irons in the market.  After a full three days of consideration, I chose the Andis 1″ Ceramic Flat Iron.  Don’t let the sub-par packaging fool you; this is the BEST flat iron I’ve ever used, and I’ve had about seven.  It boasts multiple heat settings (1-20) up to a maximum of 375 degrees.  I stop the dial at 8, and it’s more than enough to set my hair.  Unexpected pros include a lock so that the plates remain in a closed position when not in use.  This is super helpful when packing it away for travel.  Also, it is of lightweight construction, which doesn’t cramp my wrist when I’m working on complex styles.  The Andis flat iron is a steal at about $20.

3. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Tube – Original

(Still need to buy a new tube!  Oh, no!)  In the meantime, I’m using the eye primer mini from my Tarte for Trueblood Palette.

4. Deena & Ozzy Pointy Skimmer Flats   Sam Edelman Snake-Embossed Flats


I decided to class-up my wardrobe by kicking the quality up a notch.  Instead of settling for my typical Urban Outfitters purchase, I invested a bit more for my Sam Edelman flats.  I’ve been breaking them in this entire week, and it’s been torture.  The fit is narrower than I remembered at the store.  Sound advice for shoe shoppers: walk, run, skip, and jump in your shoe of choice before taking them to the register.  I still love these, but it’ll take some painful measures to get them where they need to be.

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