Bento Box and Accessories for the Kid in You

Bento Colors Metallic Box

Bento boxes are the Japanese version of sack lunch, and in recent years has brought about the “character bento,” or Kyaraben, phenomenon. Growing up I was told, “Don’t play with your food, just eat it.”  Now as a grown adult I’ve learned that what I once considered to be wise advice is actually the biggest hoax since the tooth fairy. Then, I was shown the light when I received by bento order from Bento & Co.

Bento Kitchenware

Bento Box

Bento Box

Bento Box Container

Bento Egg Mold

Bento Sauce Container

Some have tried to lure me to the dark side by trying to convince me that it is too time consuming and involved, but here’s what I say:

Give that restaurant bill the finger. Packing lunch obviously is a cost-conscious way to ensure that you get fed. Your wallet is already packed with credit card receipts, so why add to the mayhem by footing another bill?

Control freaks can control portions, too. If you’re completely OCD , or if you’re simply looking for a way to cut portions bento lunches can be a smart direction to take.  Plus, you’re your own chef (to some that may mean nothing,) so you have more leeway to take in healthy options.

Bunnies and bears are entertaining creatures. I’m still tip-toeing through Kyaraben, and I don’t really expect to take it to the extreme. It was meant to draw children’s attention to their food, and seeing as I already look like a child to some, I’m hesitant to start acting like one.  However, I will admit that opening a container with an bunny face smiling back is pretty amusing.


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