Oil-Blotting Sheet Substitute: Toilet Seat Covers

Oil-Blotting Sheet Substitute

A while back I was thinking out loud about how gross and oily my face felt. A friend recommended that I take a trip to the restroom, and blot my face with one of those disposable toilet seat covers. My face immediately scrunched, and I disregarded her suggestion out of sheer revulsion. I mean, even if it did work, it had to be ridiculously unhygienic.

Then, on one really really unruly skin day (just last week) I finally gave in. I am amazed at how effective those suckers are! It works just like those fancy, over-packaged oil-blotting sheets at Sephora or the drugstore, but without the guilt of knowing that you just spent $7 to blot your face.

I’m still a bit timid about the whole sanitation issue, which is why I’d never use the first sheet from the dispenser. But seriously, there are no paper fibers just hanging out on my skin, my face is left looking matte, and makeup stays put– and it’s free!

TIP: If you’re not so comfortable toting toilet seat covers in your purse, you can always cut them up into squares at home.


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