Dexter-Inspired Halloween Blood Splatter DIY Nails

You may or may not know this about me, but I’m an avid Dexter fan. I’ve never missed an episode, and have been a follower since the Ice Truck Killer in Season 1 (the theme song is even my ringtone.) So, naturally when I saw Refinery 29’s blood splatter nail DIY tutorial, I just had to go for it this Halloween.

I love them so much I might wear it year-round!

1. Prep station– definitely cover surfaces, as this gets messy.

Dexter Halloween Nail Setup

2. Apply two coats of opaque white nail polish. Once dry, surround fingertips with scotch tape. (TIP: Unless you have a helper around, cut the tape ahead of time. It was a pain to cut tape along the way, with one hand covered.)

Dexter Halloween Nail Base Color

3. Take a thin straw (like those coffee stirrers at 7-eleven,) and dip it into the red polish. Blow through the straw at various angles to get different kinds of splatter designs. I found it helpful to dilute the color with acetone for a proper splatter consistency.

Dexter Inspired Halloween Nails Splatter

The finished product– Dexter-inspired blood splatter nails.

Dexter Inspired Halloween Nails Blood Splatter

Our favorite serial killer, Dex. If anyone else decides to give this a shot, I’d love to see how unique they can get!

Dexter Blood Splatter


  1. I love these. I saw them on the Refinery29 website and am definitely going to try them as well. Dexter is awesome… understated yet fascinating… and so are these nails! Perfect for Halloween. I can’t wait to splatter paint my nails all kinds of colors all year long… what a great idea.

    1. You’re so right about Dexter– funny thing is, I faint at the sight/thought of blood, but with Dex I can’t look away. I definitely agree that changing the colors up can take this design into the entire year. Good luck with your nails, Nicole. Have fun, and take lots of pictures!

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