Chilly Wednesdays and Winters

I’ve amassed a decent coat collection over the years, but “too many” is not in my vocab when it comes to outerwear (and boots.) My arsenal of coats is fairly varied– 1 trenchcoat, 1 peacoat, 1 double-breasted coat, 2 military coats and a slew of other coat cousins in different lengths, materials and insulation. I love rocking coats, regardless of the type.

Cape outerwear is great for two reason in particular: 1) they have flair and drama, 2) you can let your gut hang out, no problemo– and trust, after that foodie-filled weekend (every weekend,) you’ll need the coverage.

Burgundy Cape; Zara

Zara Crossover Cape Full

Waist-length peacoats are a great closet staple, because they compliment casual looks and can be used for a night out with the girls. Classic cuts like this go great with vibrant colors, too.

Winter pop peacoat; Banana Republic

Banana Republic Blue Wook Peacoat

This military coat from Zara can be thrown on when you’re pressed for time, and you’ll instantly look pulled together.

Casual coat; Zara

Zara Double-Breasted Coat

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