Bella’s Hot Breaking Dawn Wedding Dress

Bella Breaking Dawn Wedding Dress

Photo Courtesy of Summit

Last Thursday, I as among the millions who went to see Breaking Dawn: Part 1, and must say that the most captivating scene in the entire movie was seeing Bella’s GORGEOUS Carolina Herrera wedding dress walking down the aisle. Three words that embrace what this gown was all about are: elegant, intricate and sexy.

The internet has failed to supply me with pictures of the Breaking Dawn wedding dress (I knew I should have stolen a shot at the theatre!), so I’ll do my best to describe it:

  • Draping fabric of some kind (heavier than satin)
  • Very fitted, long-sleeve, floor-length gown, sheath silhouette
  • High(er) neckline which caps slightly at the shoulders
  • Bone bodice front, with linear stitching throughout– no other embellishments
  • VERY low-cut back, with lace overlay and accent buttons at the mid-line (FAVE PART)
  • Chapel-length train
That’s as much as I can recall, sadly. I’m not usually one who likes to copycat bridal gowns, especially those that are so widely talked about (i.e. Kate Middleton), but my GOD– that Breaking Dawn dress is amazing. Apparently, it’s expected to be mass-produced starting tomorrow, November 21, and will be available in 400 bridal shops, including 67 Alfred Angelo stores. The retail price? $799 well-spent.
UPDATE: Here are images of the Alfred Angelo replica available now.
Breaking Dawn Wedding Dress Replica Alfred Angelo
Breaking Dawn Wedding Dress Replica Back Detail Alfred Angelo


    1. I was expecting it to be between $600-700. I was also hoping the front detail in the film would be present in the copy. One can dream. 😉

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