Jenny Packham Wedding Dresses: Fall 2012 Collection

Jenny Packham continues to woo me with her amazing fall 2012 bridal collection. The latest trend with wedding dresses in 2012 are all about sheath silhouettes, which is prevalent in Jenny Packham’s bridal collection.

In addition to the trending silhouette, I’m head-over-heels for the art deco details that run rampant throughout the collection. They lend an elegant, vintage touch to the wedding dresses that I can’t get enough of.

I love the elaborate detail of Jenny Packham’s Ormile, which focuses on the bust. The neckline is also extremely flattering, as are the wider straps at the shoulders. Jenny Packham sure knows how to deliver!

Jenny Packham Wedding Dress Fall 2012 Ormlie

I suppose I should note that I’m typically not a huge fan of sheath wedding dresses, as often they don’t scream “wedding” to me. Jenny Packham’s Dalia is also one of those designs where I don’t get the wedding vibe (aside from it being white), but as a gown in general– I’m loving it.

Jenny Packham Wedding Dress Fall 2012 Dalia

I can see Jenny Packham’s Astrid on a young bride or grazing the sand at a beach destination wedding. I’m a fan of some sort of head-to-toe design extra, and this wedding dress does just that.

Jenny Packham Wedding Dress Fall 2012 Astrid

This speckled beauty is called Callie. Again, I see this gown as being most suitable for a more casual affair, especially with the short train at the back. One thing I’d add to this dress is a jeweled belt, but hey, that’s just me.

Jenny Packham Wedding Dress Fall 2012 Callie

Packham’s Willow wedding dress is gorgeous all around. I love the sheer sleeves, the fine beading at the torso and the layering at the skirt. This is a dress I can see myself in (WHITE ONLY PLEASE), and that headpiece is the icing on the cake.

Jenny Packham Wedding Dress Fall 2012 Willow

Jenny Packham’s Imari wedding dress is what an art deco wedding dress is all about: clean linear design. You can see it with the ruched waistline and the vertical embellishment to the hem. Oh, and don’t get me started with that headpiece– so regal!

Jenny Packham Wedding Dress Fall 2012 Imari

What’s your take on the sheath trend? Do you love Jenny Packham’s fall bridal collection, or is it too old-timey for your taste? Share your thoughts below!

xx Jenn


  1. These wedding dresses are stunningly beautiful! They’re so vintage-modern. I could definitely see myself wearing these on my wedding day as well.

    Thank you for taking the time to post them and share them with us, I hope you don’t mind me sharing your blog post!

    I love the transition to simple and clean makeup for the wedding day. A lot of times brides think that they should go more smoky and dark, but you still look fabulous with effortless natural beauty with properly placed makeup on key points of the face.

    As a bridal makeup artist Toronto I hope to share some tips for your readers on how they can achieve this on their wedding day or even just daily makeup 😉

    A good way to achieve this look is to have:

    1. Prepped for beautifully smooth skin to start off with. Brides can go for glycolic/peel treatments and/or use manual exfoliation like micro dermabrasion.

    Smooth skin = flawless skin (even if you have discoloration)

    2. Colour correction. Have very lightly applied foundation or even just concealer in the spots that are red. For undereye area use concealer with a tint of orange to neutralize the blue. Apply very sparingly!!

    3. Use highlighters, Makeup Forever makes a realy nice cream/liquid highlighter that you can place on your high points of cheekbones, and every area where you would like a point of highlight.
    Sometimes just the upper cheekbones and a thin line down the nose creates that ‘hydrated supple skin’ look 😉

    4. Use neutral shades for eyes and neutral lips. Blend it really well and far out!

    5. Contour the edges of the face very softly.

    = Voila!

    Enjoy 🙂
    -Olivia Ha

    1. Thanks for the expert tips, Olivia!

      I checked out your website, and am so impressed by the wedding deets you’re showcasing. 🙂


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