Jason Wu for Target: Dress Up Time!

I completely forgot that the Jason Wu for Target collection just dropped a few days ago. I only noticed it on a quick run to Target for some carrots.

Of course, I starred in my own fitting room fashion show to share the designs still available at my local Target location.

This blue Jason Wu trench had cute trim, but the sizing– of the collection overall– was really off the charts. This particular piece was too big in the torso and too long at the sleeve. The length is also very unflattering for a shorty like myself.

Would’ve been cute it if fit!

Jason-Wu-Target-Blue-Trench-Sash-DetailJason-Wu-Target-Blue-Trench-ButtonI actually liked the styling of this pink polka-dot top, but even in a large it was ill-fitting at the upper arms.


Okay fit when the guns are down.


Horrible fit when guns are ablaze. Notice the bunching at the shoulder?


I liked this cotton pink top with the black bow accent, but decided against it.


The deliberate bunching of the black fabric boarders too close into cheap-quality territory.


I wanted to desperately like this JasonWu for Target dress. The colors (blush pink, yellow and black) were so playful in this silhouette. Alas, it was a no-go.


To class-up my wardrobe, I opted for this blush pink with polka-dot and bow accents. I’m wearing a medium in this shot.

Again, with the bizarre sizing, I found a medium to be too small at the arms and chest area–buttons were popping open everywhere!



I tried sizing-up to a large. When untucked, the top looks unshapely and frumpy.


But! When tucked in, it finds its shape. Needless to say, this is the single Jason Wu item I walked away with that night.


What are your thoughts on the Jason Wu for Target collection? Was the fit off for you as well? Let’s swap Wu talk!

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