SOHO Beauty “Sealed with a Kiss” Train Case

I’ve recently noticed how pathetic my make-up box is. It’s just a junky Caboodles knock-off without compartments or any other semblance of organization. It also has been home to 6-year-old make-up from early college years. Gross.

Make-Up Box

(My Old and Ugly Make-Up Box with Floppy Mirror)

Luckily, SOHO Beauty gifted me a replacement case to keep my cosmetics arsenal in check.

SOHO Beauty Sealed with a Kiss Train Case

The Sealed with a Kiss train case is not only roomy– it makes me feel like a pro.

Train Case Deets

The interior of the SOHO Beauty Sealed with a Kiss ($27.99) train case has a dual-level tray system that conveniently collapses. I like to store smaller items in these compartments like small eyeshadow quads, powders and my regular brushes.

The bottom is deep enough to hold a few larger palettes, like my giganto Tarte for True Blood palette and my stash of coveted Sephora samples I’ve yet to indulge in.

SOHO Beauty Train Case

One of the main reasons I opted for this specific train case is for the built-in mirror. This makes applying make-up while traveling a cinch (think sorority recruitment or bridesmaid make-up prep.)

Also, there is a key and lock mechanism available for storing priceless goodies.

Overall Make-Up Box Impressions

The hot pink lipstick print is fine with me, but I can see a need for more options like solid colors for this model. I also appreciate the quality of the hardware, and the functionality of the design is spot on.

I’d recommend changing the handle, though. It’s a bit too lightweight and plasticy to me. A leather-like trim similar to that found along the edge of the box as the handle material would make for a luxurious feel– just sayin’.

Regardless, the SOHO Beauty Sealed with a Kiss train case is one B.A.M.F. when it comes down to sassy make-up storage.

Suite 707



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