Sparkly Engagement Rings

I love these modern and vintage engagement rings! Not only are they gorgeous, they’ve got a range of personality to match the lucky bride-to-be.

Princess-cut diamonds used to be my favorite, but I’m quickly taking to European-cut diamonds.

Art Deco Solitaire Diamond Ring; Circa 1935, .72 carats in 18k white gold ($3,450)

Georgian Jewelry Art Deco Solitaire Diamond Ring

Set against this 14k rose gold setting, this black diamond pops with sophistication.

2.82 carat black diamond ring with white diamond accents ($5,000)

Anna Sheffield Hazeline Black Diamond Rind

Dainty diamond rings are all the rage.

1/6 carat diamond ring set in a 14k white gold band ($1,400)

Anna Sheffield Wheat Promise Diamond Ring

How brilliant is this vintage ring? Art deco is just lovely.

2.06 European-cut diamond ring set in platinum. ($22,000) … yes you read right.

Erstwhile Jewelry Co. Antique Diamond Engagement Ring

Thoughts? Too dated? Just right?

Suite 707



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