Surfas Surprising Culinary Finds

I took a trip to Surfas, a culinary-restaurant supply store in Culver City, CA. It was my first time hearing about this place and I was pleasantly surprised.

Foodies and master chefs alike can find glee at Surfas as it holds kitchen gems like international spices, unique dishware and specialty ingredients that you’d be hard-pressed to find at your local grocery-chain.

Adorable porcelain cake displays with ribbon weaving.

Ribbon Wrapped Cake Display

No one likes a bitter cup of tea. These tea pot saucers let you set your bag aside for later.

(I got the yellow one!)

Tea bag holder

Create cupcakes with attitude. Surfas has a whole aisle of colorful cupcake wrappers from zebra print to damask!
Colorful Cupcake Wrappers

How fun are these neon take-out boxes? Quirky-cute gift box, anyone?

Neon take-out boxes

I was delightfully overwhelmed by the variety of spices and seasonings at Surfas. I especially thought these vintage looking poultry and fish rubs were too good to pass up.

I tested– they’re delicious!

Chicken & Fish Rub

To check out Surfas for yourself, the Surfas Yelp page has all the deets to get your expedition underway.

Suite 707


  1. Hi Jenn!

    I am VERY interested and in need of various cupcake liners. I wasn’t able to view the different types/colors. What is the web address so that I can take a look at these?

    Thank you very much!!

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