DIY Suede Glitter Boots

Despite the queue of DIY projects I have on my list, I finally managed to get this one checked-off.

I found Le Fanciulle’s do-it-yourself glitter boots and convinced myself that it looked easy enough for even an amateur DIYer, so I found these $20 suede boots from Express and I visited my local JoAnn’s to grab some glitter and fabric glue.

I picked-up a trial pack of fabric glue, because I — being the novice that I am — didn’t know what the difference was. The glue pack cost about $2.50.

To achieve a more natural texture, I bought two sizes of glitter in two similar shades (gold and caramel). This also helps to fill in gaps easily.

DIY Projects

Eventually I opted for Jewel-It glue… why? I can’t remember, but do know it works!

The white glue turned purple once it came in contact with air (which freaked me out a bit).

I mixed in the chunky and fine glitter into the glue with a medium-sized synthetic paintbrush.

DIY Projects - Glue

As you can see there are some stray glitter pieces at the edges; these don’t bother me too much, but if you’re OCD you can use a smaller paintbrush to push the glitter into the right spots. This, of course, takes more time — more time than I was willing to devote.

Glitter Boots Detail

Finished product! I recommend letting these dry for 1-2 days before wearing it. According to the packaging the glue dries in a matter of hours, but due to the caked-on layers of glitter, I decided to give my suede boots some time to recover.

As you wait for the glue to dry, you’ll still notice the purple hue of the glue, but as it dries this will turn transparent.

Suede Boots

In total, I probably spent about 30 minutes on these glitter boots, and it cost under $30 (shoes included).

Hopefully, the next item on my DIY projects list won’t take me half a year to finally complete.

Suite 707


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