About Face: Beautiful Models Whose Names I Don’t Know

As I skipped through the interwebs today, a few beautiful models caught my eye for a variety of reasons.

1. White hoodie

Obviously, this unique white hoodie vest stopped me in my tracks.

Like a boss.

White Hoodie

via tarafirma

2. Messy hair

For whatever reason, I can never seem to pull off the sexy messy hair look. Shoulder-length hair is not conducive to this kind of playful hairstyle.

Messy Hair

via spvrsh

3. Cat eye makeup

I just recently tapped into the world of liquid eyeliner, so my skill at applying cat eye makeup flawlessly is far from decent.

But I’m working on it.

Cat Eye Makeup

via love-leanne

P.s. These beautiful models are partly such because of their gorgeous lips. Undeniable, I say!

Suite 707


  1. I think the white hoodie is Amber Marie. I went to college with her and she’s currently modeling/acting in LA. – facebook.com/ambermariebollinger

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