Style Spotting: Animeux Fashion Files

Scoping out the local fashion scene is always a treat. There are so many creative eyes out there to lend inspiration and turn the tides in the name of style.

One fellow fash enthusiast that has caught my attention is Ann Win of Animeux Fashion. Not only is her style killer, but she has some pretty wild and gorgeous wigs that are amazing accessories in themselves.

First things first. That fringe studded handbag– too cool. This wig reminds me of a prospective haircut that I’m considering after my hair grows out a bit more; it could be a good way to test-run whether I should go for it.

Oh, and folded/scrunched up sleeves on coats and blazers are always a favorite way to add a touch of edge to an otherwise clean-cut look.

Ann Win

Animeux Fashion - Black 1

Bold red bangs. How amazing is this idea?

Animeux Fashion - Red 1

Asian fusion at its finest. Garter stockings are everywhere, and I personally love them. They’ve got the fun factor, without the scandal of the real deal while walking down the street. Unless that’s your deal; if so, rock on.

Animeux Fashion - Blue 1

I love this badassedness, especially the gold chain-printed head scarf and that DENIM VEST. Totally a must have.

Animeux Fashion - Black 3

Suite 707


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