LA Fashion Week 2013: Homegrown Goods

So I know LA Fashion Week is already underway, but in case you’re like me (a full-time 9-5 worker drone :D) and missed the presentation from the Los Angeles Fashion Council, here are a few peeks that I caught while at the Pre-LAFW Party hosted by Two Point Oh! LA.

LA Fashion Week Sneak Peak

Sarine Marie was definitely a favorite with its 40s- and 50s-inspired wear with regal color palate.

Sarine Marie

Sarine Marie - White Blouse

Love the orange/pink fabrics!
Sarine Maria - 1800s Colors

ISM Mode also led me to stop and stare with comfy wear that can be dressed up or down.
ISM Mode Collection - LA Fashion Week

Here’s Connie, public relations maven, talking shop with designer Inka of ISM Mode about her collection.
ISM Mode - Inka Sherman

How fun is this?!? I had the honor of meeting Manny Castro the mastermind behind this stellar sweet-tooth display. He and FactoryLA set up this artistic presentation at the Pre-LAFW Party.
Manny Castro Donut Display

Ta-da! Shot by Manny himself.

Manny Castro & Suite 707

Connie can’t get enough of these.

Manny Castro Donuts

Toasting to donuts. Never a dull moment.

Manny Castro Donut Display - LA Fashion Week

Suite 707

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