Winter Is Coming: A Search For Knitted Everything and THE Brown Boots

Southern California weather is a finicky gal.

One day she has a mellow temperament that’ll warm you up even on your moodiest of days, the next she a cold, face-chapping bitch. There’s no real in between.

I’ll probably get nasty stares by saying this, but man, is it hot this November. Earlier this week it was a solid 90 degrees in some L.A. cities, but I’m happy to report that today is a balmy 64.

Welp! That’s my cue to bring my “winter” garb to the front of my closet.

This time of the year always calls to the east-coaster within (or what I envision east coasters to look like, as I’ve never been…)

My hit list includes:

Knit Beret

Knit Beret

Something in a neutral color like the sandy colored one pictured above, plus a fuzzy pom.

Hopefully no bunnies were harmed in the making of that photo.

Military Jacket

Fur Military Coat

Fur-trimmed hood, lots of pockets, badass olive green hue. Yes, please.

I also like that this jacket isn’t super bulky. It gets chilly here in Los Angeles, but there’s really no reason to wear a damn PARKA!

Slouchy Sweater

Oversized Knit Sweater

Chunky (and slightly clunky). Doesn’t this sweater make you want to grab a cup of hot cocoa and just kick back?

Brown Boots (and Leg Warmers)

Brown Knee High Boots

Yes, both. But not a 2-in-1, because that’s just sad. I already have a pair of low-heeled, knee-high brown boots by Born that I purchased at a discount Mexican store for $55 (what? I like fancy things, but hate paying a fancy price).

But alas! My beloved boots are torn up, and I need a new (more polished) pair.

The hunt has begun, my friends.

Suite 707

TPOLA Gifting Suite

4th Annual Two Point Oh! LA Summer Picnic Goes Poolside

There are a lot of things I look forward to in July.

Fireworks, summer nights, my birthday week (Leo babies unite), and last but not least, the Two Point Oh! LA annual summer picnic. I brought my bestie, the great and mighty Kara (also my unofficial stylist ;D), along for the festivities. Here’s what we captured in between all the fun…

TPOLA Founder Kelsi Smith really upped the ante this year, with a full cocktail station brimming with yummy pink lemonade, spiked watermelon punch and refreshing mojitos.

Two Point Oh LA Picnic - Cocktails

Two Point Oh! LA Picnic - Food

Aaaaand there goes my healthy eating plan. Complete with a burger bar and taco bar, the TPOLA team ensured we stuffed our gullets before the gifting began.

I can’t say no to tacos. Ever. Nor can I say no to 3D flamingos. The tacos were excellent, by the way– I’m determined to have an AYCE taco and sushi bar at my wedding (just a side note).

Two Point Oh! LA - Tacos

Two Point Oh! LA - Cocktail Time

After stuffing our faces, we sat in the pool lounge contemplating the meaning of life and other complex theories.

2013 TPOLA Summer Picnic

Now for the juicy deets of the gifting suite…

TPOLA Gifting Suite 2013

Say hello to my new little friend. As soon as my eyes caught sight of this spicy red satchel dubbed “Natassia” from the lovely ladies of Sole Society, I was hell-bent on getting this sexy piece of arm candy in my collection stat.

Mission complete.

Sole Society Red Satchel Handbag

As you can see, Sole Society did NOT make the choice easy. At first, I was completely confundled about all the accessories being showcased by the company, but the mystery was revealed when I learned that Two Point Oh! LA’s fave shoe company has just recently tapped into the accessories market.

Enter this gold-studded cuff– badassery all around, but for functionality’s sake, I had to keep my focus and bee-line it to that satchel.

Happy with my decision!

Sole Society Accessories - TPOLA Summer Picnic

Sole Society

The event’s best kept secret was the “Champagne Deck,” which housed more goodies from the gifting suite. Clearly, the venue, ICIS Living, knows how to make its residents feel like VIP.

ICIS Living

An armchair stacked with Thursday Friday totes greeted me at the door. Instead of going for the classic Birkin tote below, I opted for their lesser known “Leopards” collection, and snagged a mini.The ladies of Thursday Friday also gave us bloggers a close-up and personal peek into their newest collection, which included a large American flag handbag printed on canvas. I wanted that SO BADLY– especially since I’ve still got 4th of July fever in me. Unfortunately, that one was hands-off.

 Thursday Friday Tote BagsThursday Friday

Kara chillin’ like a villain and looking super pro as I scope out the gifting suite.

Kara - TPOLA Gifting Suite

First in line was this Glytone daily cream moisturizer. I grabbed one, but in all honesty, my freak-of-nature skin rebels when I apply sunscreen ANYTHING to my face.

Glytone Daily Cream Moisturizer

Capwell + Co. certainly knows how to keep a gal guessing. Each velvety pouch contained a different piece from their collection. This peach and cream faceted necklace was the first one I pulled out, and was a strong contender until I came across a layered silver necklace with turquoise stone pendant. In all the excitement, I regularly forgot to snap photos of the products I actually chose. Ah, well.

Capwell + Co. Jewelry - Two Point Oh! LA Picnic

The frenzy captured in time– completely forgot to pickup the sheer baggie of what appeared to be lipstick, though. Bummed.

2013 TPOLA Summer Picnic - Gifting Suite

And then… there was Lulu’s. They generously gifted each blogger an item — a dress, separates, accessories, whatev. I narrowed my choices down to three dresses (psst! I picked the one that’s hidden.)

Lulu's - Two Point Oh! LA Summer Picnic

Tada! Ultimately, I went with Lulu’s Blaque Label “See You Around” cutout maxi dress. What do you think?

Lulu's Blaque Label See You Around Maxi Cutout Dress

Such a gorgeous courtyard at ICIS Living. When can I move in?!

TPOLA Summer Picnic 2

Finally, no TPOLA event is complete without the signature candy bar. Those treats were addictive in the best kind of way.

Two Point Oh! LA Candy Bar

Two Point Oh! LA Candy Bar 2

Two Point Oh! LA Candy Bar 3

“I love ice cream and candy.”

Kara - Ice Cream

I’ll check in soon to review the other products that I received, including the Pati Dubroff Pro Neutral Eye Palette, Clean & Clear Morning Burst Hydrating Gel Moisturizer, IT Factor Quick Blowdry Smoothing Lotion and Detangler, Neutrogena Shine Control Primer, and Lift Lab’s Daily Cleanser and Mask (btw I’m already loving this after ONE use. No joke.)


White Washed: Things That Look Great in Crisp, Clean White

I’m all for loud (at times admittedly obnoxious) color, but sometimes being able to make a statement with a simple color, like white, says everything that needs to be said.

Point in case…

Time to put that iPhone alarm on snooze permanently with a good, old-fashioned alarm clock.

white clock

 (via West Elm)

When I think of “editor style” anything, a loose button-down white blouse always comes to mind. This one in particular tops it off with the gathered sleeves that gets down to business.

white button down blouse

(via Obaz)

Sunflowers will always be my favorite, but these white peonies are undeniably charming– and fluffy. Who doesn’t like FLUFFY?

Wedding bouquet - white peonies

I think I have a secret obsession with pushed-up sleeves. It’s a thing. This badass white leather jacket isn’t afraid of a little dirt, but you probably should refrain from a scuffle seeing as its worth $800. Bonkers!

White leather jacket

(via Free People)

Coming home to a room like this must be incredibly relaxing after a hectic day at the office. Add some hot cocoa and a great book, and I’m set. I know, I know… NERDING OUT.

White interior design

(via amazing home design)

I’ve never been to a white sand beach. Gotta change that, stat– no joke.

white sand beach

(via something everything nothing)

Then there’s THIS guy. No words need be said.

White bulldog puppy

(via here)

Suite 707

LA Fashion Week 2013: Homegrown Goods

So I know LA Fashion Week is already underway, but in case you’re like me (a full-time 9-5 worker drone :D) and missed the presentation from the Los Angeles Fashion Council, here are a few peeks that I caught while at the Pre-LAFW Party hosted by Two Point Oh! LA.

LA Fashion Week Sneak Peak

Sarine Marie was definitely a favorite with its 40s- and 50s-inspired wear with regal color palate.

Sarine Marie

Sarine Marie - White Blouse

Love the orange/pink fabrics!
Sarine Maria - 1800s Colors

ISM Mode also led me to stop and stare with comfy wear that can be dressed up or down.
ISM Mode Collection - LA Fashion Week

Here’s Connie, public relations maven, talking shop with designer Inka of ISM Mode about her collection.
ISM Mode - Inka Sherman

How fun is this?!? I had the honor of meeting Manny Castro the mastermind behind this stellar sweet-tooth display. He and FactoryLA set up this artistic presentation at the Pre-LAFW Party.
Manny Castro Donut Display

Ta-da! Shot by Manny himself.

Manny Castro & Suite 707

Connie can’t get enough of these.

Manny Castro Donuts

Toasting to donuts. Never a dull moment.

Manny Castro Donut Display - LA Fashion Week

Suite 707

New York Fashion Week Fall 2013: Don’t Fur-Get Your Coat!

Aesthetically speaking, I have a great appreciation for fur pieces. While I personally would only wear vintage fur (recycling existing resources and all that jazz), as a lover of fashion I can’t help but admire these standout furs from the New York Fashion Week 2013 shows.

Monique Lhuillier 

Monique Lhuillier New York Fashion Week 2013 - Fur

(Photo: Imaxtree and Matteo Volta)

Prabal Gurung

Prabal Gurung New York Fashion Week 2013 - While Fur Snood

(Photo: Imaxtree and Alessandro Lucioni)

Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca Taylor New York Fashion Week 2013 - White Fur Leather Jacket

(Photo: Imaxtree and Alessandro Lucioni)

Band of Outsiders

Band of Outsiders New York Fashion Week 2013 - Fur Scarf

(Photo: Imaxtree and Alessandro Lucioni)

BCBG Max Azria

BCBG Max Azria New York Fashion Week 2013 - Red Fur Leather Jacket

(Photo: Alessandro Lucioni)

Diane Von Furstenberg

Diane Von Furstenberg New York Fashion Week 2013 - Blue Fur Coat

(Photo: Imaxtree and Alessandro Lucioni)

Suite 707

Style Spotting: Animeux Fashion Files

Scoping out the local fashion scene is always a treat. There are so many creative eyes out there to lend inspiration and turn the tides in the name of style.

One fellow fash enthusiast that has caught my attention is Ann Win of Animeux Fashion. Not only is her style killer, but she has some pretty wild and gorgeous wigs that are amazing accessories in themselves.

First things first. That fringe studded handbag– too cool. This wig reminds me of a prospective haircut that I’m considering after my hair grows out a bit more; it could be a good way to test-run whether I should go for it.

Oh, and folded/scrunched up sleeves on coats and blazers are always a favorite way to add a touch of edge to an otherwise clean-cut look.

Ann Win

Animeux Fashion - Black 1

Bold red bangs. How amazing is this idea?

Animeux Fashion - Red 1

Asian fusion at its finest. Garter stockings are everywhere, and I personally love them. They’ve got the fun factor, without the scandal of the real deal while walking down the street. Unless that’s your deal; if so, rock on.

Animeux Fashion - Blue 1

I love this badassedness, especially the gold chain-printed head scarf and that DENIM VEST. Totally a must have.

Animeux Fashion - Black 3

Suite 707