I Sure Am!

It’s been a minute since my last post,

but now I actually have a minute to share all the reasons I’m on cloud nine.

I visited Sequoia National Park

I’m 27-years-old, California born and raised, yet the closest I’d been to a Sequoia was my Pinterest board of places to see before I bite the dust. On August 23rd, my bf of eight or so years (we don’t really keep precise count) went on a getaway trip to take a peek at this world wonder.

We stayed at the amazing Rio Sierra Riverhouse in Three Rivers, CA along the river.

It had this view.

Need I say more?


The day of our visit into the Sequoia National Park on August 24th, we took the Congress Trail to check out the bigger Sequoias in the area and wow, were they spectacular.

No joke– when walking up to one of these trees you can’t help but feel a sense of reverence. These were around for thousands of years and are the largest living things in the world.

They’ve seen some pretty gnarly things in their day.




The last stop along the trail led us to a Sequoia grove called, The House. It was a great way to end our secluded tour, and it’s here where I received the biggest surprise ever.


wait for it…

I’m fucking engaged!


That’s right, ladies and gents– the show you’ve all been waiting for– coming soon to a theater near you in 2015:

The future Mrs. Coates

Planning is underway, so expect more (and more) wedding posts.

Suite 707


5 Pretty Wedding Cakes

Since I’m trying to stay extra healthy, I’ve decided to look at pretty wedding cakes instead of eat them. It’s not as satisfying, but it’ll have to do.

The Knot released their top 50 wedding cakes, some of which were clear winners and some were nothing to rave about.

Here are my favorites from the bunch.

1) Bold Retro Pattern

This design would go well with a semi-casual themed wedding. The 3D bow is a fun alternative to a typical floral focal piece. The different shapes are also quirky, and fresh.

Bold Retro Pattern Wedding Cakes

2) Staggered Tiers

I’m not so fond of asymmetrical wedding cakes, but this gently staggered arrangement gives the cake a graceful movement. I’m a big fan, as long as the tiers are not blatantly angled.

Purple Staggered Square Wedding Cakes

3) Ombre Coloration

I like the gradual transition that ombre brings to a wedding cake. This would be lovely for a monochromatic wedding scheme. With this design in particular, I would have liked a detail at the base of each tier to give the cake more interest– maybe ribbon, icing, lace– something.

Ombre Wedding Cakes

4) Sugar Flower Power 

A handmade sugar bouquet can be an elegant focal point on a cake, as opposed to a traditional cake topper of the bride and groom. You can have the blooms match your wedding bouquet or the bridesmaid’s bouquet for a unifying look.

Sugar Flowers Wedding Cakes

5) Buttercream 

No matter what, I want a yummy pretty wedding cake. Buttercream is the way to go to achieve the taste factor. And look how elegant it can look even without the fondant. I especially like the subtle striping.

Buttercream Wedding Cakes

I have leftover tiramisu birthday cake in the refrigerator from one of my favorite local bakeries. Surprisingly, I have resisted the temptation to devour it after this post. Barely.

Suite 707

Sparkly Engagement Rings

I love these modern and vintage engagement rings! Not only are they gorgeous, they’ve got a range of personality to match the lucky bride-to-be.

Princess-cut diamonds used to be my favorite, but I’m quickly taking to European-cut diamonds.

Art Deco Solitaire Diamond Ring; Circa 1935, .72 carats in 18k white gold ($3,450)

Georgian Jewelry Art Deco Solitaire Diamond Ring

Set against this 14k rose gold setting, this black diamond pops with sophistication.

2.82 carat black diamond ring with white diamond accents ($5,000)

Anna Sheffield Hazeline Black Diamond Rind

Dainty diamond rings are all the rage.

1/6 carat diamond ring set in a 14k white gold band ($1,400)

Anna Sheffield Wheat Promise Diamond Ring

How brilliant is this vintage ring? Art deco is just lovely.

2.06 European-cut diamond ring set in platinum. ($22,000) … yes you read right.

Erstwhile Jewelry Co. Antique Diamond Engagement Ring

Thoughts? Too dated? Just right?

Suite 707

Carolina Herrera Creates Bella’s Wedding Dress for $35,000

For those who aren’t satisfied with Alfred Angelo‘s replica of Bella’s wedding dress, there is hope yet.

Carolina Herrera has announced that she will reproduce the crepe satin and Chantilly lace wedding dress seen in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn for lucky brides who can shell out the cash.

Twilight Breaking Dawn Bella Wedding Dress Carolina Herrera

Each gown will be completely handmade by Carolina Herrera herself, and is expected to take a full six months to complete. Bella’s famed wedding dress includes romantic details, like 152 buttons along the entire mid-line of the back and a dramatic lineup of 17 buttons at each sleeve.

Twilight Breaking Dawn Bella wedding dress detail Twilight Breaking Dawn Bella wedding dress back

Twilight Breaking Dawn Bella wedding dress front
If you’ve got the stomach to fork over $35, 000 (the price that some brides pay for an entire wedding!) then you can order your own Breaking Dawn wedding dress at Carolina Herrera boutiques across the U.S., including New York, Los Angeles, Bal Harbour and Dallas.

Happy buying!

Images from Summit Entertainment

Daydreaming about Bora Bora

As I dine at my office workstation for lunch in the midst of this chilly weather in LA, I can’t help but get lost in my dream vacation.

Bora Bora, Tahiti is the perfect locale for me to kick-up my feel and bask in the sunshine. I used to think I’d like to honeymoon in Italy or some other culturally historic location, but more and more a tropical island getaway has me second-guessing.
Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort

One day, I’ll take a photo exactly like this; Bora Bora and wedding gown (or some other dispensable dress) included.

Bora Bora Beach

Bora Bora Coconut

Bora Bora Boat

Bora Bora Four Seasons Resort

Can you say paradise? I can.

Photos Courtesy of I am Glamorous

Carolina Herrera Bridal Accessories: Jeweled Belts

The only thing a bride ever needs to spruce up a simple wedding gown is a gorgeous, vintage-inspired jeweled belt. Carolina Herrera has got it down in her 2012 bridal collection.





The art deco layout of the stones are so classy and romantic. LOVE.

Jenny Packham Wedding Dresses: Fall 2012 Collection

Jenny Packham continues to woo me with her amazing fall 2012 bridal collection. The latest trend with wedding dresses in 2012 are all about sheath silhouettes, which is prevalent in Jenny Packham’s bridal collection.

In addition to the trending silhouette, I’m head-over-heels for the art deco details that run rampant throughout the collection. They lend an elegant, vintage touch to the wedding dresses that I can’t get enough of.

I love the elaborate detail of Jenny Packham’s Ormile, which focuses on the bust. The neckline is also extremely flattering, as are the wider straps at the shoulders. Jenny Packham sure knows how to deliver!

Jenny Packham Wedding Dress Fall 2012 Ormlie

I suppose I should note that I’m typically not a huge fan of sheath wedding dresses, as often they don’t scream “wedding” to me. Jenny Packham’s Dalia is also one of those designs where I don’t get the wedding vibe (aside from it being white), but as a gown in general– I’m loving it.

Jenny Packham Wedding Dress Fall 2012 Dalia

I can see Jenny Packham’s Astrid on a young bride or grazing the sand at a beach destination wedding. I’m a fan of some sort of head-to-toe design extra, and this wedding dress does just that.

Jenny Packham Wedding Dress Fall 2012 Astrid

This speckled beauty is called Callie. Again, I see this gown as being most suitable for a more casual affair, especially with the short train at the back. One thing I’d add to this dress is a jeweled belt, but hey, that’s just me.

Jenny Packham Wedding Dress Fall 2012 Callie

Packham’s Willow wedding dress is gorgeous all around. I love the sheer sleeves, the fine beading at the torso and the layering at the skirt. This is a dress I can see myself in (WHITE ONLY PLEASE), and that headpiece is the icing on the cake.

Jenny Packham Wedding Dress Fall 2012 Willow

Jenny Packham’s Imari wedding dress is what an art deco wedding dress is all about: clean linear design. You can see it with the ruched waistline and the vertical embellishment to the hem. Oh, and don’t get me started with that headpiece– so regal!

Jenny Packham Wedding Dress Fall 2012 Imari

What’s your take on the sheath trend? Do you love Jenny Packham’s fall bridal collection, or is it too old-timey for your taste? Share your thoughts below!

xx Jenn