Winter Is Coming: A Search For Knitted Everything and THE Brown Boots

Southern California weather is a finicky gal.

One day she has a mellow temperament that’ll warm you up even on your moodiest of days, the next she a cold, face-chapping bitch. There’s no real in between.

I’ll probably get nasty stares by saying this, but man, is it hot this November. Earlier this week it was a solid 90 degrees in some L.A. cities, but I’m happy to report that today is a balmy 64.

Welp! That’s my cue to bring my “winter” garb to the front of my closet.

This time of the year always calls to the east-coaster within (or what I envision east coasters to look like, as I’ve never been…)

My hit list includes:

Knit Beret

Knit Beret

Something in a neutral color like the sandy colored one pictured above, plus a fuzzy pom.

Hopefully no bunnies were harmed in the making of that photo.

Military Jacket

Fur Military Coat

Fur-trimmed hood, lots of pockets, badass olive green hue. Yes, please.

I also like that this jacket isn’t super bulky. It gets chilly here in Los Angeles, but there’s really no reason to wear a damn PARKA!

Slouchy Sweater

Oversized Knit Sweater

Chunky (and slightly clunky). Doesn’t this sweater make you want to grab a cup of hot cocoa and just kick back?

Brown Boots (and Leg Warmers)

Brown Knee High Boots

Yes, both. But not a 2-in-1, because that’s just sad. I already have a pair of low-heeled, knee-high brown boots by Born that I purchased at a discount Mexican store for $55 (what? I like fancy things, but hate paying a fancy price).

But alas! My beloved boots are torn up, and I need a new (more polished) pair.

The hunt has begun, my friends.

Suite 707


Fashion Week Spotlight: Burberry Prorsum Autumn-Winter 2011

It’s looking like Burberry Prorsum is taking a leap of faith in the recent bold color trends by integrating them into their RTW autumn-winter 2011 collection.  I’m so in love with the military cuts, and cropped jackets.  So chic, and so posh!

Here are a few that I need in my closet, STAT:

Do you spy what I spy?  That handbag!  I adore the pistachio coloring, and what looks like patented croc skin material.  And I’m a devout lover of bowler-style bags, so this collection will be the death of me.  I only wish I can get my hands on more pics of this beauty. I also really like the contrast of the playfully oversized buttons and closures, versus the structure of the military style.  Nice all around.

Edit: I found one!

I’ve heard the wavering opinions going around about the over-sized tassels, but c’mon!  How are stubby tassels not adorable?  They’re like stout little puppies that you just want to squeeze.


The puffing on the sleeve freshens up this seemingly basic white coat, and adds an appropriate spin on for the upcoming fall season.  I also like the texture of the tweed pants coupled with the pop of color on the belt.  Reminds me of retro, east coast style.  Or at least what I’d imagine it to be.

If I haven’t mentioned it already, I LOVE HIGH COLLARS.  Only on coats and jackets though; the badass effect dissipates when used on polo shirts.  Just sayin’.  The plaid lumber jack print is cute and fun, however, I’d probably opt for a solid color so that it transcends the seasons easily.

How glamorous is this?!  All the details in this coat are so amazing: the orange trim, large buttons, and fur shoulder piece– me likey.  Totally reminiscent of vintage Hollywood, mink shawls, and an era when class was something to be cherished.